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Steps to configure HTC Advantage X7500 to sync with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

HTC Advantage X7500 or HTC Athena is a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition based smartphone. Being a Windows phone, HTC Advantage X7500 can be configured to sync with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Steps to setup[ and configure HTC Advantage X7500 with Microsoft Exchange Server

  • If you want to connect via Infrared, you need to click on Menu – Connect via IR
  • Go to Status (Here’s the options for desktop synchronization with ActiveSync 4.0)
  • Tick the things that you want to synchronize. For instance, Contact, Calendar, Email
  • Then Click on Settings Button
  • Enter a friendly name for your PC and select the options for how to handle conflicts.
  • Then go to the Calendar Settings
  • Then go to the Connections where you can select the ability to sync via USB or serial.
  • Then go to Exchange 2003 Server Settings. These are entered when you select Menu – Add Server Source.
  • Enter the domain name and password.  If you store the password, you can choose to remove it later
  • Then select what you sync with the server.  Note that Tasks will not be synchronized with Microsoft Exchange until you have installed Service Pack 2 for Exchange.
  • Go to Menu Options after you have created both an Exchange Server and desktop partnership. This is the place to delete partnership by using click and hold.
  • Then Schedule which is only available after you configure the Exchange Server.

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