Steps to configure HTC Tattoo to sync with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

Tattoo is HTC’s second SIM-free Android-based device following the footsteps of the HTC Hero. Aimed more at the consumer market than the Hero, the Tattoo is smaller, fitting any pocket thanks to the removal of the Google ‘chin’, including an FM Radio and also boasting a range of replaceable covers, reminiscent of Nokia’s Xpress. Like HTC Hero, setting up Hosted Exchange Server synchronization on the HTC Tattoo is possible. How? Check out below:

Steps to configure HTC Tattoo to sync with Microsoft Exchange Server

Should you have already configured a POP or IMAP account, then to add another account, select Menu –> More –> New account

Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Enter your full email address and password and tap Next. The client will attempt o determine the correct server settings to use automatically. If the client is not able to determine the settings, you will be prompted to enter the information manually. Alternatively if you prefer you can just tap on the Manual Setup button

Complete the fields with the appropriate information:

  • Email address
  • Server address – this is normally the same information used for webmail access
  • Domain
  • Username
  • Password

If the server uses a secure connection (ie, if you usually need to enter https at the beginning of the URL for webmail access), then tick the option.

If you do not know the information to enter, contact your IT department.

Once all of the information has been entered, tap Next. The client will verify the information entered. If you are using a ‘non root-trusted’ certificate on the Exchange server you will be warned that the device cannot verify the identity of the certificate and be prompted to confirm that you wish to continue anyway. Provided that the client is able to connect to the server successfully, you will then be prompted to select which folders you wish to synchronise:

Tap Next. The mailbox data will then be synchronised to the device
To edit the synchronisation settings once the account has been configured, tap on the Settings icon in the All Programs view. Select Data Synchronisation and then Exchange ActiveSync

Email sub-folders can be synchronised by pressing the Menu button from within the Mail application and selecting the Folders option.
Select the folder that you want to access, then press the Refresh button to download the mail in that folder. Bear in mind, that if you have selected the option to only download the last 7 days’ worth of email, then that applies to all email folders so only messages that are newer than 7 days in this folder will be displayed.

Following a successful connection to the Exchange server, the device will be listed within the Mobile Devices Options within Outlook Web Access (Exchange 2007)

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