Steps to configure Nokia E90 Communicator with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

Nokia E90 Communicator is a 3G Smartphone made by Nokia and the latest model of the Communicator series. E90 starts the fifth generation of Nokia’s communicators, and also introduces a new platform to Nokia’s communicator line, Series 60 v3.

Steps to configure Nokia E90 Communicator with Microsoft Exchange Server
The Mail forExchange comes pre-installed (built into the firmware) in Nokia N90, so no files need to be downloaded and installed (.sisx files). Perform the following steps to create a Mail for Exchange mailbox:

1. Press Menu.

2. Select Email.

3. Select New.

4. Select Start.

5. Enter your Email address for your corporate email account.

6. Enter Password.

7. Select Mail for Exchange.

8. Enter User name.

9. Enter Domain.

10. Enter Mail for Exchange server name (web address for Exchange server).

11. Select Ok.
The PIM data (Contacts, Calendar and To-do’s) synchronization is disabled by default perform the following to enable:

1. Select Menu.

2. Select Email.

3. Select Settings.

4. Select Personal Information Manager.

5. Select Applications (the following steps will give a general configuration for any of the 3 items).

6. Select each of the items (Calendar, Contacts, To-do) that you desire and change as needed.

7. Select item sync – change to Yes if desired.

8. Select Initial sync – delete from phone will erase all items from the device and replace with those on the Microsoft Exchange server.

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