Steps to sync Motorola CLIQ with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

The Motorola CLIQ is an Android OS-based mobile phone by Motorola. Motorola CLIQ has Wi-Fi capability, a 5-megapixel camera and video recording (at 24 frames per second), a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, an HTML browser, and a QWERTY keyboard. It also has access to applications through the Android Marketplace that is part of the Android OS. You can also set it up with Hosted exchange server to access your corporate mails.

Steps to sync Motorola CLIQ with Microsoft Exchange Server

Configuring Motorola CLIQ with Hosted Exchange or Exchange Hosting enables you to wirelessly synchronize your email and other information directly with the information stored on a Microsoft Exchange Server. You may want to upgrade your data package with your service provider before setting up this feature. Without a data plan that covers the amount of data sending and receiving email uses, your bill will increase.

Setting up Microsoft Exchange Email

If you did not set up an Microsoft Exchange Server email account, follow the steps in this section to set up an account now. Work with your Corporate IT department to gather the following info:

  • Mail server address
  • Domain name
  • Whether your company or email provider requires an encrypted (SSL) connection to the mail server
  • Your username and password

Note: The Exchange Server settings are case sensitive. Be sure to enter uppercase and lowercase letters properly.

  1. From the Applications Menu, Touch Email.
  2. Type in your email address and password. Check the box only if you want this to be your default email account. Touch Next.
  3. Touch Exchange Account.
  4. Enter your Exchange Server information and Touch Next.

Note: Do not select “Accept all SSL certificates” unless instructed by your IT admin.

  1. Your phone will check the incoming server settings.
  2. If everything is correct the Account Options screen will appear allowing you to customize your account settings.
  3. Finally, you will be asked to name this account and enter the name that will be displayed on outgoing messages. Touch Done when complete.

Note: If you are able to successfully connect an Exchange account on your phone, but your email and contacts are not syncing with your device, your company may have a security policy that prevents syncing.

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