Synchronizing your Nokia E series phones with hosted Exchange

How to synchronize your Nokia E series phone with Apps4Rent hosted Exchange server

If you have a Nokia E series phone then you can use it to synchronize your Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes with Apps4Rent. All Nokia E series phones come with an application Mail For Exchange (Mfe). If the application Mail For Exchange (Mfe) is not installed then you need to install the application by referring the documentation provided for your phone.

To configure your Nokia E series device to synchronize your e-mail, calendar, contact and task entries from your Microsoft Exchange Mailbox, please follow the steps given below.

1. To start Mail for Exchange go to the Mfe folder on your device.

2. Select Mail for Exchange icon.

NOTE: When you start Mail for Exchange for the first time, you are prompted to create a profile. A profile lets you customize how you want Mail for Exchange to work. Select Yes to this prompt because to use Mail for Exchange, you need to enter some information in the profile and enter the following details.

3. Under Connection; enter the following details.
Exchange Server:
Secure Connection: Yes
Access Point: Choose your carriers point.
Sync while Roaming: Select the option of your choice.
Use Default port: Yes.

4. Under Credentials:
Username: You complete username for apps4rent.
Password: Enter your password.

5. Under Sync Content-choose the contents you wish to Sync.

6. Select relevant Sync Schedule.

7. Under E-mail; enter the following details
E-mail Address: enter your Microsoft Exchange e-mail address.

8. Press Options and select Save.

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