To Create a Meeting Request on Outlook Web Access (OWA)

To create a meeting request in Outlook Web Access (OWA):

1. Click New in Calendar.

2. Click Invite Attendees.

3. Type the names of the people who you are inviting for the meeting. Use the Resources box to specify a conference room or special equipment that might be needed during the meeting.

4. Select the correct date and time from the list. If the meeting is scheduled to occur regularly, select recurrence.

5. In the Show time as list, select how you want your schedule to appear for the duration of the meeting. You can select




Out of Office.

What you select here as the status will be visible to other people when they view your schedule and the schedules of all attendees.

6. Select the Reminder check box to be reminded about this meeting. This also reminds all recipients of the meeting request if they have reminders enabled on their calendars.

7. Type a message to accompany your meeting request in the message text area.

8. Click Send or press ALT+S.

A meeting request is sent to each attendee, and the new meeting is added to your schedule. The recipients can Accept; Decline; or Accept it Tentatively.

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