Unable to Access Webmail URL

If you are unable to access the webmail URL; then please follow these steps and let us know the results.

1.   Please ensure that you are access the right URL.
If are accessing the right URL and you still get the error then please follow these steps.  Please note that most often the issue is not from the server side but from your network or ISP end.  To isolate the exact cause, you need follow these steps.

NOTE: We recommend you to ensure that you have disabled Firewall and antivirus while performing these steps.

1.    Try accessing the URL using a different browser.  If you are able to access it using a different browser; then some browser plugin might be causing an issue and hence you are not able to access the webmail URL via Internet Explorer.  Please note that while accessing the site from different browser, you will get OWA light version.
2.    If you are not able to access the site from a separate browser; then please try visiting other sites.  If you are able to visit other sites then try the following steps.
3.    Check if you are able to access your gateway.

a.    Click on Start and Select Run.
b.    Type cmd and press Enter.
c.    At the command prompt type ipconfig /all
The first few lines will contain the following data.  You will see a setup of numbers next to each of them.

Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . :
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Try to ping your Default Gateway from the command prompt.  If the ping results show packet drops then the issue is with your network.

4.   If the ping results do not show packet drops; then try pinging by following these steps.

a.    Click on Start and Select Run.
b.    Type cmd and press Enter.
c.    At the command prompt type ping If you are unable to ping then you may have a DNS Issue. Ideal time should not exceed 200 ms.
d.    Try pinging -t. Let it run for few minutes and observe if the time value fluctuates and the difference is in hundreds then there is a network issue from your ISP side.
e.     Run the following command from the command prompt.
Check for packet drops. Every time a router drops packets you will get a *. Also, check if there is time lag of more than 200 ms on hops. The router where you get * might be having issues and hence its dropping packets. It might be at your ISP end or generically on the Internet of within your network.

5.    Try pinging and do a tracert for
6.    Try from a different network which connects directly to the Internet without a proxy; gateway or firewall.
7.    If you are not able to access the OWA URL even after following step 6; then please visit http://www.what and provide us with your IP and results of the test 1 to 6.  E-mail the details to

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