Virtual Desktop Port Change

1. I have never used a port number to access my Virtual Desktop. How should I access the Virtual Desktop after the port change?

Currently, you are accessing the Virtual Desktop by typing your computer name in the Remote Desktop Connection tab. Check the example given below.

After we add the new port, you need to connect to the desktop with the port number as shown in the image below.

Type the Computer name (Virtual Desktop name) followed by the colon symbol (:). Append the new port number after the colon. See the image below.

2. I am currently using port number 25569 to access the Virtual Desktop. How to access the Virtual Desktop after changing the port?

Currently, you are accessing the Virtual Desktop as shown in the below image.

After changing the port number, you need to type the new port number at the end of the computer name section. See the image below:

3. I have updated the port number received by email. However, I am getting an error displayed below. How to fix that?

Check for any spaces in the beginning or end of the computer name that you entered. Also, you need to use a colon (:) before the port number, and not a semicolon (;).

Colon :

Semicolon ;

To select the colon (:) symbol, press the Shift key on the keyboard and press the highlighted button together.

4. I was comfortable with the way I used to access my Virtual Desktop earlier. Why should I change it now?

Apps4Rent is committed to ensuring your security. This exercise adds an extra layer of security to your Virtual Desktop. The attackers keep sending connection requests to the default ports over the internet, which creates unnecessary traffic in the environment. By changing the port number from the default port to a unique port number, the attackers cannot predict the port number or send unnecessary traffic to your Virtual Desktop. In short, this small exercise keeps your Virtual Desktop ultra-safe, super-efficient, and extra secure.

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