What are the memory and space requirements for SugarCRM installation on a dedicated server?

RAM and storage space requirements to install SugarCRM on a dedicated server

There are various factors which decide the memory requirement for the SugarCRM community Edition. As per the website of SugarCRM (,
you need 256 MB of RAM. Therefore, Apps4Rent’s Hyper-V Bronze virtual dedicated server plan will be sufficient for a basic SugarCRM installation. However, if the number of users connecting to the application is high and also if many e-mails will be sent out from the server then higher server plans are recommended for SugarCRM installation.

If you plan to install SugarCRM on Windows based setup we would suggest Apps4Rent’s Hyper-V Silver virtual dedicated server plan as the starting point.

Operating System
Linux . —-Please choose correct OS from our offering.
Windows (2003)
Web Server
Web servers that support PHP
MySQL: 4.1.2 or higher
SQL Server 2005 (only)
PHP versions 4.3.X (best 4.3.10 ) or 5.X

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