What is Autodiscover Redirect?

There are circumstances when you would not have the ability or when you feel that it don’t make business sense for you to acquire an additional Certificate for use by your Exchange server. This is when Autodiscover redirect comes as a savior! Autodiscover redirection helps you redirect your ‘non domain joined’ and ‘no direct AD access’ clients to another DNS address to get their information.

Using Autodiscover redirect, your ‘non domain joined’ and ‘no direct AD connectivity’ Outlook 2007 clients can work by getting redirected from to The only downside to this redirect process is that the Outlook 2007 end user will be prompted with a box asking them to allow this redirection. This is by design in hosting environment. But if you use Service record or SRV record then you may not get the certificate pop-up in outlook.

Autodiscover redirect is also the proper solution when you are hosting multiple SMTP domains for which you do not want to get a certificate for each of the domains. Once you have configured the autodiscover redirect site, you would simply create a DNS Entry in each of your zones that you host for “autodiscover” to point to this SSL redirect site. This redirect site would in turn redirect all of your clients to a central url, like to the one shown here: .

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