SharePoint error message “Rendered Failed” when viewing columns in SharePoint document library

When we view the columns in SharePoint document library we get Error Message
<!– #Rendered Failed–>

The first step is to recreate the issue.  Below were the steps to reproduce this particular issue:

1.  Create a new WebApp with a site collection using team template.
2.  Click on Lists in the Quick launch bar and click on Create.
3.  Click on Custom List under Custom Lists, entered a name “test list” and clicked on create.
4.  Click on Setting –> List Settings –> Create Column under Columns
5.  Entered a column name “num01” and selected the type of information in this column as number.Repeated this step for 13 now we have the below mentioned columns
Type,Name,Modified,Modified by, From NUM01 to Num13
6.  Create a view by Clicking on Setting –> List Settings –> Create View —
>Standard View
7.   Under columns select column Type,Name,Modified,Modified by, From NUM01 to Num13
8.   Select the group by the column name –> Selected Title and by defualt show groupings is selected as collapsed
9.   Select Totals and select average as total for column NUM01 till NUm12 Clicked on Ok.
10.   Now you will be able to see the columns
11.   Go back to the view again . Under Totals select the Column Num13 set as average. Click on OK.
12.   Now you will be error message <!– #Rendered Failed–>

Resolution of this issue

Go back to view again. Under group selected, show grouping as Expanded and click on OK.  You will be able to see all columns.  So the the workaround for this issue is  to select show grouping as Expanded.

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