You carry a T-Mobile G1? Sync it with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server?

T-Mobile G1 is an Internet-enabled 3G smartphone with an operating system designed by Google and hardware designed by HTC. It was the first phone that used the Android mobile device platform. Earlier, T-Mobile GI was at disadvantage as it was not capable of syncing with Microsoft Exchange Server but later Wrike and Intermedia launched a new application for T-Mobile G1. These two small companies collaborated and produced ContactSync, a wireless tool that helps sync your phone contacts with the contacts on your Exchange server. What more, now you can access your Corporate mails synchronizing T-Mobile G1 with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Here are some steps to sync T-Mobile G1 with Microsoft Exchange Server

Before setting up your corporate email, you must have the following information at hand:

  • Your corporate email Exchange server name
  • If your server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection
  • The Exchange user name, password, and domain name

If you are unsure of any of these items, please contact your IT department.

1. Go to Start > Programs > ActiveSync  > Menu > “Add Server Source…”
2. Enter your corporate email server address and select the SSL encryption option
3. Enter your User Name, Password, and Domain name; press the “Advanced” button
4. Select the desired option under the “If there is a conflict” field; press “Next”
5. Check the items you wish to synchronize
6. Highlight “Email” and press “Settings”
7. Select your desired mail options; press “OK”
8. Press “Finish” and your device will begin synchronizing with the Exchange server

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