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Enabling Exchange users to be delegates and send mails as “Sent on Behalf of”

Configure users as delegates of the Outlook mailbox:

1. In Outlook click on Tools

2. Select Options.

3. Click on Delegates tab.

4. Click Add

5. Select Users you wish to be delegate.

6. Click Add.

7. Click OK.

8. Select Editor for all Folders.

9. Check “Delegate Receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me”

10. Click OK.

11. Click OK in the “Options” window

12. Set permissions for Mailbox and all Folders.

13. Click the Folder List button.

14. Right click on “Mailbox – Display Name”.

15. Select Properties.

16. Select the Permissions tab.

17. Click Add.

18. Ensure that “Address Book” you have “Global Address List” selected.

19. Highlight All users

20. Click Add.

21. Click OK.

22. Highlight users.

23. Select Editor.

24. Click OK.

25. Repeat steps 14 – 24 for every folder under Mailbox.

26. Open example-“Sales” Mailbox in user’s profile.

27. Right click “Mailbox – Display Name”.

28. Click Properties.

29. Click Advanced.

30. Click Advanced tab in new window.

31. Click Add.

32. Type “Sales”

33. Click OK

You will now see the mailboxes on the left of Outlook under Mailbox – Display Name and all its folders.

To send a message on behalf of Sales:

1. Create a new message

2. Go to Options

3. Select Show From

4. Type the address of “Sales” in the from field.

5. Type your message and send as normal.

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