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Migrating existing Exchange mailboxes

How to migrate your existing Exchange mailboxes to Apps4Rent.

NOTE: You will have to configure previous providers mailboxes via POP3 and download them locally and then follow these steps.

1. Access your exchange account using Outlook and export the existing mailbox by following the steps given below.
a. Click File and Select Import/Export.
b. Select Export to a File.
c. Personal Folder File (.pst)
d. Select Personal Folders.
e. Put a check mark at Include Subfolders.
f. Save the PST file to a location.

2. Setup your Outlook using the steps given below.

3. To import the mail file which you created in step 1:
a. Click on File and Select Import/Export.
b. Select Import from Another Program or File
c. Click Next.
d. Select Personal Folder File (.pst)
e. Click Next.
f. Click on Browse and select the file which you save as per step 1.
g. Click on Open.
h. Click on Next.
i. Select Import Items into the same folder in: <mailboxname>
j. Put a check mark next to Include subfolders.

4. Verify if Contacts; Calendar Entries; Tasks; Todo’s have been migrated properly or not.

5. Change the MX records and add Cname for AutoDiscover. Please note that it might take upto 24 hours for the MX records and CNAME record to propogate over the Internet. Till then some mails will come in your new account and some mails in your old account. We strongly recommend that dont cancel your previous hosting account till you are sure that the transition is complete and migrated mails have accurate data.

MX Records (please refer to the welcome mail received while signing up for the appropriate MX records): -> , use priority 10 -> , use priority 10

Add the CNAME: ->

6. During the DNS propagation some mails will come in your new account and some mails will go in your old account. After the DNS has propagated completely you need to follow step 1; 3 and 4 again to get some mail which went to your old server during propogation. Only difference is you will use the Filter Option at step 1-c while exporting and 3-d while importing. You will need to filter the mails by date.

7. Verify if all your e-mails; tasks; calendar; contacts has migrated to the us completely.

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