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Running Microsoft Outlook on Windows Terminal Server

There are many known issues related to running Microsoft Outlook with Windows Terminal Server.

Outlook features that do not work include the following:

  • Offline store (OST) files and features that rely on the OST (i.e., Cached Exchange and Offline mode, client side Junk E-mail filtering)
  • Forms Designer and the Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) editor.
  • You can view a custom form, but you cannot design a new form or revise an existing form.
  • Changing the Time Zone from within Outlook as the time zone is a system setting.
  • Changing Zone security settings from within Outlook as this is a system setting.
  • Changing the status of a Microsoft Exchange Client Extension. If the extension is enabled by default, it should work correctly.
  • Adding stationery that was not included with Outlook as part of the Terminal Services installation.
  • Outlook animations, such as Send/Receive animation and the Search Folder creation icon, are disabled.

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