Weekly QuickBooks Maintenance Schedule

The aspects outlined here are our ongoing effort to keep maintenance’s and SLA agreement as transparent as possible. The below given information is not applicable if your cloud desktop does not have QuickBooks installed.

Intuit regularly pushes updates and patches for its QuickBooks versions. The updates and patches are pushed frequently. We have observed that system performance and QuickBooks performance is severely hindered if these updates and patches are not installed. QuickBooks instance as well as the system becomes very slow. We recommend our customers to perform these updates. For steps, please visit the following link.

Besides this, our automated programs and scripts would also be checking QuickBooks cloud desktops and performing updates and installing pending updates and patches. The process is automated and involves shutting down QuickBooks application and then installing the patches/updates. In certain cases, the cloud desktops will also need to go through a reboot. The schedule is given below in this e-mail.

To avoid any dataloss, please ensure that you have saved all the entries that you had entered in QuickBooks. If QuickBooks instance is open then the automated script will forcefully close QuickBooks so that the patches and updates can be installed. In such a scenario, if users have not saved the work in QuickBooks then those entries/work will be lost and will need to be added again. Also, incase of critical or major updates, the cloud desktop has to go through a reboot. If the cloud desktop goes through a reboot then any data not saved inside any application will be lost and all users will be automatically logged out.

To avoid any dataloss, we urge our customers to ensure that all your users have logged out of QuickBooks; and closed all applications. Finally, they have saved the work, closed all applications and logged out of the cloud desktop before the timeframes given below. These activities will be performed every week.

Day 1: Every Tuesday between 11:00 PM Eastern and Wednesday 6:00 AM Eastern.
Day 2: Every Friday between 11:00 PM Eastern and Saturday 6:00 AM Eastern.
Day 3: Every Saturday between 11:00 PM Eastern and Sunday 6:00 AM Eastern.

Incase, you do not want us to install the updates/patches then you will need to install them before the timeframe given above every week. Alternately, if you do not want your cloud desktop to be included in this activity then you need to contact our support team.

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